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The Advantages of a Web Proxy Server

There are many advantages inherent to the use of a web proxy server, but a couple of advantages are so obvious that it would be remiss of any article on server advantages not to mention them. Before you know that however, you need to know exactly what a web proxy server is. A web proxy server is a server that takes the place of a normal web server, acting as a virtual middle man in the exchange of queries and information between the end user and the web server that contains the information that the user is interested in. In other words, you as a user can direct your communication and interaction with a particular web server through a different server first.

The main advantage of this has to do with security. Because there is an extra step in the process, it is harder for someone monitoring the server to intercept information as it goes back and forth because it is hard for them to know where the information is coming from. This is especially useful for people that send information back and forth on a regular basis and of course proxy servers also provide a certain level of anonymity which is always nice for people that would not like their IP addresses widely known to other people. However, the biggest advantage to web proxies from a modern point of view is the fact that they can be used to circumvent normal channels of doing things. For example, consider social networking websites like MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and Friendster. All of these different sites are usually blocked at schools and workplaces. However, the only way to block these websites is to ensure that information from those servers is not permitted into the network in question. If a person is using a web proxy service, then they effectively can bypass those security precautions because the proxy server will not be recognized as belonging to those social networking websites. Ultimately, this is how all of the unblock websites do it and it is a powerful advantage to web proxy servers.